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June 15, 2020


Agriculture is evolving at a rapid pace — and so is Co-op.

To ensure Western Canadian growers have the tools and information they need to succeed, Co-op Grow Team Members are demonstrating new agronomic practices and technologies in crop varieties/hybrids, crop protection and crop nutrition products.


Are you passionate about agronomy? If so, Co-op’s Innovation Field Trial Xtreme is for you. Westview Co-op is hosting a one-stop tour of the latest innovations in Western Canadian crop production near Horsehoe Canyon, Alta.


Co-op's unique, results-driven agronomic program is focused on improving productivity today while promoting a healthy environment for tomorrow. At the Innovation Field Trial Xtreme location, the latest enhanced efficiency fertilizers will be on display as well as tools and resources that provide a deeper understanding of phosphorus. We will also explore different options for extending crop rotations through the use of pulses and forages.

2) Delivering Innovation

To ensure Western Canadian growers have the tools and information they need to succeed, Co-op Grow Team is continuously evaluating the latest innovations. We strive to provide growers with first access to the right solutions for their farm. This summer we look forward to demonstrating these innovations at the Xtreme field trial sites:

Nuseed Canola (NC355TF): A new-generation canola hybrid from Nuseed, a premiere Australian canola breeding company and subsidiary of Nufarm, will be on display. This is the first in what we anticipate will be a long series of hybrids developed for western Canadian growers.

Miravis Ace Fungicide: As a member of the new Miravis family of products, Miravis Ace brings a new mode of action to help growers control fusarium head blight in wheat.

3) Agronomic Solutions

Co-op Grow Team will explore, through in-field demonstrations, how an integrated approach to the following agronomic challenges can help growers implement solutions that meet their farm’s unique needs.

  • Effective management of herbicide-resistant weeds
  • Expanding tight crop rotations by introducing forages or pulse crops
  • Canola harvest management
  • Strategies for maximizing cereals

Co-op’s Innovation Field Trial Xtreme is made possible through the support of our manufacturer-partners, all of which are committed to helping producers grow today and tomorrow.

Follow us on Twitter @WVCoop_AgEnergy throughout the growing season for trial updates or visit one of the sites yourself. To learn more, contact your local Co-op Grow Team Member.

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