Introducing Co-op AgZone FIELD
May 24, 2022

With deep roots in Western Canadian agriculture that span over 90 years, Co-op has been proud to work alongside farmers as they have adapted and innovated farming practices through changing times. It’s because of this history - and a shared vision for the future - that we’re excited to introduce Co-op AgZone - a suite of digital solutions that will grow to support your farm in the field, in the yard, and in the books.

The first digital solution to launch is Co-op AgZone FIELD, a full-service agronomy tool designed to help make data-driven decisions easier by giving you a simpler way to collect, share, and interpret the data you need.

Tried, Tested, and Ready to Roll Out

Last summer, Co-op AgZone FIELD was piloted by nine local Co-op associations. Grow Team Members at these locations integrated and tested the tool in real-world situations.

“Co-op AgZone FIELD allows us to be in any growers’ field at any time and create strong geo-referenced data points and reports for the grower,” says Daniel Aarsen, Grow Team Member at Neerlandia Co-op. “Growers can understand what’s going on in their field at any time.”

Using the tool as part of the pilot program, Aarsen was also eager for the added opportunity to be even more collaborative with his farm Guests. “What I love to do most is talk to my growers about their farms, their fields, and the soil that they have,” says Aarsen. “I’m excited about being able to bundle that all into one platform.”

Harnessing the Power of Your On-farm Data

Making the best farming decisions starts with having the right data. Co-op AgZone FIELD helps farmers consolidate all of their data together in one place. From yield monitors to satellites, soil maps, and more, the robust agronomic tool provides a more accurate picture of your farm, so you can make faster, smarter decisions.

“Rather than storing data in multiple systems, we’re able to ensure the data we have is all in one tool. It allows us to be more efficient and get that data to the grower in a way that’s more actionable and useful for them,” says Aarsen.

Powerful analytics validate field data, analyze yields, and calculate returns, helping determine what worked and where adjustments should be made for the season ahead. The value of data is unlocked, turning it into a driver of maximized productivity and profitability.

Collaboration to Help You Meet Your Goals

Co-op AgZone FIELD makes it easy to share important information between farmers and their local Grow Team Members, so they can make personalized recommendations that help farmers achieve their operational goals. Shared access to a common dashboard ensures that both the farmer and the Grow Team Member are up to date on recommendations made and actions taken.

“We can pinpoint and geo-reference weeds, insects, all different things that we are finding in the field and that report can be generated and sent to the farmer with a recommendation,” says Robyn Gerrard, Grow Team Member at Wetaskiwin Co-op. “The farmer can use that information to address the issue, and review the recommendation, right in the app.”

The Future of Farming - Available Now

As the agriculture industry shifts further into the use of digital technologies, we’re excited to continue to support Western Canadian growers, today and tomorrow. This is just the first stop on our digital agriculture journey.

“Co-op has been the root of Western Canadian agriculture for a long time,” says Gerrard. “Bringing a digital platform like this is really going to help root it in the future of agriculture.”

As we strive to support your operation from start to finish, we’ll continue our commitment to delivering trusted advice and solutions in the same way that Co-op has delivered for generations: Western Canadian focused and farmer-first.

Contact your local Westview Grow Team Member to find out when Co-op AgZone will be available for your farm.

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